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Monday, December 1, 2008

Do. Not. Plagriarise. CLAMP's. Artwork.

Spotted at Mizuiro-kun's Livejournal. http://mizuiro-kun.livejournal.com
Being the CLAMP fan, I just HAD to take those pics and rant about them too.

Double-u Tee Eef....What is these people's problems? Did they expect to get away with this with, what, more than half a million CLAMP fans worldwide in every single country?

This futher fuels my reason to dislike and be disgusted at all things Taiwanese. Yay me...
All Original Works by CLAMP.

^Left: Original [Kobato] Right: plagiarised pic
Dude, even if you DO wanna copy other work's poses, at LEAST change a bit of the style or something. Note the EXACT SAME concept: girl with stuffed toy, hat, butterfly on the finger and flowery background. Of course, Kobato and Ioriogyi-san look waaaaaay better than whoever-that-is with the teddy bear. [I will not comment on poses]

^Left: Original [Kobato] Right: plagiarised
Once again, note the EXACT SAME concept and design. Heck, the moron even used the same color combination.

^ Left: plagiarised pic Right: Original [Kobato]
Once again, EXACT SAME concept. AND color combination. The dress even looks the same. No, changing the basket into a flower basket DOES NOT work. Its still plagiarising.

^Left: Original [Kobato] Right: plagiarised pic
EXACT SAME bg, dress, and shoes. Even the bag and the stuffed animal holding her hat.

^Ok, fine. This one can be forgiven. I'll pretend the artist wants to use the pose. FINE...

^Left: Original [Chobits] Right: plagiarised pic
And no, adding flowers doesn't make it a different picture, you dolt (whoever you are).

^Left: Original [Chobits] Right:plagiarised pic
Ugh. No. Why oo why can't that person use his/her OWN CREATIVITY and AT LEAST change the theme or something. But noo... Exact same pink theme, blonde girl hugging two pink stuffed animals. Of course, Chii does it better.

^ this one's not so bad. At least the artists had the commonsense to change the clothes, hair, expression etc.AT LEAST...

^ Left: Original [Chobits] Right: plagiarised pics
Note the exact same hand placement and shawl in the plagiarised. And flower theme too, in the case of the first one.

^Left: Original [Chobits] Right: plagiarised pic
Same bird. Tree. Bird. Did I say the bird? The bird seems to love Chii more though.

^Left: Original [Chobits] Right: plagiarised pic
Exact same bg, dress and shoes. Honestly though, I have no idea why did those people even try, coz CLAMP does it sooo much better.

^Left : Original [crossover, Chii and Kamui] Right: plagiarised pic
Oo, a pic involving Kamui. Now its personal. Exact same bubble blowing theme, bubble blowers and guy's expression. BUT KAMUI IS MUCH MUCH MORE ADORABLE!!! Puh-lese, unknown fella, you do NOT suit 'cute but "awesomely cool"'.

^Left: Original [Clover] Right : plagiarised pic
Exact same birdcage theme, suit-and-dress pairing (and may I note that the suit is almost the same?) and mechanical wings. And those mechanical wings are pratically exact replicas. UNCREATIVE BITCH!!

^Right: Original [Clover]
This one may be forgiven for the commonsense-ness. Still, exact same bg.

^Right: Original [Clover]
Once again, may be forgiven for the artist's commonsense in changing the dead flowers into live ones. But they're still the same species...

^Left: plagiarised pic Right: Original [Clover]
Actually, I dunno what to think of this. But still. Same wingspan, expression and dress.

^Left: Original : [Miyuki-chan in Wonderland] Right: plagiarised pic
Ohoho, now this is something OBVIOUSLY plagiarised. Note the exact same SEIIRA-FUKU, falling from the sky action and the bunnies. ESPECIALLY THE BUNNIES!! Coz if you look closer, you'll notice that they are EXACT REPLICAS.

^Left: plagiarised pic Right: Original [Cardcaptor Sakura]
Note the exact same birds, dress and curtains. And if the plagiarised version wasn't b/w, I bet you it'll also have the same pink theme.

^Left: Original [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle] Right: plagiarised pic
And then they dare to copy one of THE MOST FAMED CHARACTER OF CLAMP. Seriously, these people need to get their commonsenses checked. Note the same watery bg, clothes, underwater theme and the flowers. Even the placement of the flowers are EXACTLY THE SAME.

^Left: plagiarised pic Right: Original [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle]
C'mon, don't tell me you don't notice the STRIKING RESEMBLENCE thar... Same thing, replacing feathers with pink flowers DOes NOT make it a different pic.

^Left: Original [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle] Right: plagiarised pic
Note the EXACT SAME bats-flying bg, blonde "more mature"dude and kid theme, and also designs on the jacket. SHOOT HIM SYAORAN!! YOU HAVE A GUN!! Anyway, Syaoran's are more fabulous.

^Left: Original [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle] Right: plagiarised pic
Note EXACT SAME gardening theme, blonde with shota theme and flowers. And do I see the EXACT SAME shoes over thar?

^Left: Original [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle] Right: plagiarised pics
NO, unknown dudes, you are NOT Syaoran. And this pic, by far, is one of the well known Tsubasa ones out there, so the artist is just asking for it if the fans come to eat them up.

^Left: Original [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle] Right: plagiarised pics
Notice the same childhood friends feel. And the birds. Exact replicas I tellya. AT LEAST they didn't copy the clothes though. But the shawl is probably the dead giveaway.

^Left: Original [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle]
This one may be forgiven, on the account of commonsense.

^Left: Original [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle] Right: plagiarised pic
Meido theme is fairly common, fine, but you could at least change the cup into a cake and the cake into tarts could you artist???

^Left : Original [Clamp no Kiseki, Clover] Right: plagiarised pic
Note the exact same pose, dress and wings.

^Left: plagiarised pic Right: Original [CLAMP no Kiseki, X/1999]
*snorts* "Demon Principle"? Puh-leeze....Fuuma looks more the demon here.
Note the EXACT SAME regal theme and pose.
^Left: Original [X/1999] Right: plagiarised pic
Aah, now this is where it gets personal. I do realise that its X pics from hereon.
NOTE THE EXACT SAME FEATHERS BG!!!! And unknown dude, you're ugly. Kamui's waaaaaay prettier than you. XP
^Left: Original [X/1999] Right: plagiarised pic
1st note, Yuzuriha and Kamui are NOT cannon. They're just equally adorable.
Anyway, note the EXACT SAME "reading manga starring me" theme, uniform with armbands and bg. BTW, WHITE SPRINKLED DOTS ARE CLAMP'S TRADEMARK. GET YOUR OWN TRADEMARK, ARTIST!!
^Left : Original [X/1999] Right: plagiarised pic
EXACT SAME "Angel bride" theme. Although I don't really like Kotori, she still works the angel bride thing better. So thar, unknown girl!!

^ Left: plagiarised pic Right: Original [X/1999]
EXACT SAME leaning-against-something-its-cool pose and BIRDS!! Gawd, this must be the hundredth time with the birds already. Again, they're EXACT REPLICAS. And Kamui works the pose, the look (and the cloak) better than you, unknown dude.

^ Left: Original [X/1999] Right: plagiarised pic Now, as I've mentioned before, I don't really like Kotori. But this is my favourite picture of her. And note the EXACT SAME hairstyle, dress, flowers (even the placement) and "chain of pearls" theme.

Thanks to Mizuiro-kun for finding these pics thereby giving me something to rant on.


Anonymous said...

well I'll be damn,Clamp hasn't notices yet?

alyssAfromUnder said...

I laughed out loud at the plagiarism of Fai and Syaoran.

Invisible gun!!!

Ein Hazani said...

i totally agree with you.
how could they did such a thing?!
hasn't CLAMP notices anything about this??
(sorry for the broken english)

Ein Hazani said...

btw, what is the title of the taiwan manga?

Anonymous said...

Not that I support this kind of thing but you'd end up killing yourself if you took a Renaissance course.

During the renaissance all of the world's greatest (as well as unknown) artists copied one another quite frequently. To the point of ridiculousness.

Now I don't support this sort of thing, but considering if it weren't allowed we would be nowhere near where we are today artistically, I'm not necessarily going to rant about it.

karin said...

they r such idiots.
one idiots
2 big idiots
3 bigger idiots
4 extrimly big idiots
5 cosmatiucly revalutionly big idiots

Laura said...

Late comment is damn late, but ohmigod, some of these were so hilariously obvious that I couldn't help laughing, especially at the picture of Totally-Not-Syaoran and Totally-Not-Fay. The invisible guns were just... wow. XD

Laura said...

Late comment is damn late, but some of these plagiarisms were so hilariously obvious/bad that I laughed at them.

My favorite was the one with Totally-Not-Syaoran and Totally-Not-Fay. Invisible guns FTW.

Laura said...

Dammit! Ignore the doublepost.

Anonymous said...

zzzz...this is totally plagiarism >x< the plagiarist is a stupid or moron till she/he could did something stupid like this and couldn't make her/his original art works -_-a

daizu dye said...

Oh my gosh.. i mean i knew that there was copycat artists out there but i didnt think it was this bad!!! you have shown me a new light!

Anonymous said...

Oh m gee! i love clamp, they are sooo copying them!!!

Hanayu said...

I can understand copying line for line then hanging it on your wall cause you like the picture... or copying the pose because you can't draw it yourself but I can't understand making it seem like it's a different picture and putting it in a manga! That's outragous.

Hanayu said...

I almost feel like tracking these people down and punching them in the face and then making them apologize to every single person the pissed off face to face.... CLAMP's work is to awesome to be copied, I bet these people tried to copy it line for line but phailed unepically and it turned into something unepic like the invisible gun one...lol that one was hilarious~~~!!!!!!!

Smella said...

i kind of prefer the other artists style to clamp o_o which sucks because i can't like them now that i've seen all they do is copy!

Michael Wignjoatmodjo said...

At least there are no plagiarism on xxxHOLiC. I can't imagine how the plagiarist(s) attempt to copy xxxHOLiC's signature glamorous-looking smoke, or maybe they would actually use the EXACT same-looking smoke. :/